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Winter Google Slides Templates for Teachers

I love sharing seasonal Google Slides templates with teachers to use in their classrooms. So for today’s blog post, I’ve put together a list of six different winter-themed Google Slides files that you can try out!

These slides are all great for building classroom community, as well as adding routine and structure to your teaching.

From Morning Meeting slides to brain break games, these Google Slides require little to no prep and can be used in your classroom as early as tomorrow.

Click on the images below to grab your own copy!

1. Winter Bitmoji Agenda Slides

Teachers love agenda slides so I created this free Google Slides template to spread the love this winter season! You can check out my winter Bitmoji agenda slides here.

2. Winter Brain Breaks Morning Meeting Game

This Brain Breaks Mystery Game is a Jeopardy-style game that I created in Google Slides. The way it works is that a student clicks a button to discover their brain break challenge.

These slides are so much fun! Check out my Winter Brain Breaks Game here.

3. Winter Bitmoji Virtual Classroom

I created these Bitmoji classroom slides during the height of the Bitmoji classroom craze. These slides also double as agenda slides if you’d prefer to use them that way!

4. December Morning Meeting Slides

My #1 tip for Morning Meeting is to create slides. I’ve found that teachers have the most success with having consistently engaging Morning Meetings when they create slides to help guide students.

That’s why I created DAILY Morning Meeting slides for the entire month of December (and the whole year too). You can check out my December Morning Meeting slides here.

5. January Morning Meeting Slides

Much like the December slides, my January slides are a hit with teachers and students. These pre-made, low-prep slides consist of a new Morning Meeting for every single school day in January.

I like the January slides in particular because they help you start off the New Year with your students with structure and organization. Check out my January Morning Meeting slides here.

6. February Morning Meeting Slides

February is filled with lots of fun holidays – from Valentine’s Day to Groundhog Day to National Pizza Day (and of course, tons more!). Check out my February Morning Meeting slides here.

7. Winter Bitmoji Choice Board

Amplify student voice and choice with this free winter-themed Bitmoji choice board. Check out the Google Slides template here.

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