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Vlogmas 2021: Tech Tips for Teachers and Educators

Vlogmas is a holiday tradition on YouTube where creators post a new video every single day for 25 days.

This is my second year doing Vlogmas, and I successfully uploaded a YouTube video everyday from December 1 – 25!

Check out the videos I shared during Vlogmas this year, including tons of tech tips and ideas for teachers and educators.

I’ll be back next week with a full blog post. Until then, happy watching!

Day 1: December Morning Meeting Ideas

Day 2: Winter Brain Breaks

Day 3: Winter Agenda Slides

Day 4: Winter STEM Challenges

Day 5: Favorite Teacher T-Shirts

Day 6: Ada Twist, Scientist STEM Activities

Day 7: December Holidays Around the World

Day 8: Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers

Day 9: Using Google Jamboard to Teach SEL

Day 10: Top Coding Books for Elementary Students

Day 11: Starbucks Holiday Drinks

Day 12: Create an Attendance and Assignment Tracker in Google Sheets

Day 13: Winter Choice Board in Google Slides

Day 14: Design Thinking in the Elementary School Classroom

Day 15: Schedule Send an Email in Gmail

Day 16: How to Make a To Do List in Google Sheets

Day 17: Using Google Arts & Culture in the Classroom

Day 18: Wheel of Names Tutorial

Day 19: January Morning Meeting Ideas

Day 20: Google Sheets Calendar

Day 21: Use an Email Template in Gmail

Day 22: AR in the Classroom with MERGE Cube

Day 23: Explain Everything Beginner Tutorial

Day 24: Top 5 EdTech Tools of 2021

Day 25: The Happy Planner Review

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