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3 Reasons Why You Need to Add LessonUp to Your Teacher Toolkit

Disclaimer: I only recommend products that I absolutely love! This post is sponsored by LessonUp. All opinions remain my own.

If you’re looking for a simple platform that boosts student engagement but also provides flexibility and blended learning, I have the perfect platform for you: LessonUp.

I am a huge fan of LessonUp because it meets so many of my classroom needs, and the best part is: I can create lessons, teach, assess, and track student learning all in one place. 

I spend a lot of time playing around with edtech tools, so when I discovered LessonUp, I knew I had to share it on the blog in time for back-to-school. 

LessonUp is an all-in-one tool and solution to so many of your classroom needs. 

Did I mention it’s free to sign up?!

With LessonUp, you can increase student engagement and knowledge. 

Here are 3 reasons why you need to add LessonUp to your teacher toolkit next year.

#1: You can create interactive digital lessons with LessonUp

I’m a huge fan of creating slides presentations for the lessons I’m teaching, and LessonUp takes it to the next level.

In the LessonUp platform, teachers have the ability to create lessons to share with their students. But it doesn’t stop there…

With LessonUp, you can make your lessons interactive.

In the example above, I’ve created a mind map within LessonUp. Students can respond to a prompt or question (i.e. “What are some strategies we can use to ideate?”), and their ideas will populate on the screen. How amazing is that?!

When you’re creating a lesson, you can also incorporate interactive features like videos, polls, quiz questions, and so much more. 

You can even create interactive slides presentations that not only boost student engagement, but also assist with formative assessment. 

#2: LessonUp is a great assessment tool

I love the idea of using LessonUp as an assessment tool. 

The best part is… assessment with LessonUp is FUN!

As the teacher, you can create a quiz or poll within your presentation, and when you teach the lesson, students will be prompted on their devices to respond to your quiz question. 

LessonUp gathers student responses for you, which you can later use to track student learning, provide feedback, or even discover what content areas you need to re-teach. 

These quizzes and polls are great for getting real-time insight into student learning.

3: LessonUp provides so much value in a blended learning classroom

There are so many proven benefits to blended learning – from an increase in student interest to student agency (TeachThought). 

In our increasingly digital world, technology can be used to amplify learning, but it can be tricky to know where to start. 

LessonUp minimizes the amount of time you spend creating lessons, while simultaneously maximizing the amount of knowledge that students learn. That’s valuable.

In a blended learning model, LessonUp can be used to keep the attention of your students through interactive elements and even gamification. 

LessonUp can even be used for differentiation, allowing students to work through lessons at their own pace. 

The opportunities with LessonUp are endless. To learn how to use LessonUp, check out the tutorial video down below!

Thank You!

If you want to learn more about LessonUp, please visit their website here. Register and sign up for free!


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