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Daily Morning Meetings for the Year: How to Plan an Entire Year’s Worth of Morning Meetings

In today’s blog post, I’m sharing an inside look on how to create daily Morning Meeting slides for the ENTIRE year.

I’ll show you examples of how to create (1) Morning Meeting Schedules, (2) Morning Meeting Slide Themes, and (3) Morning Meeting Structure.

As I’ve said to you all many times before, my best tip for Morning Meeting is to build a very clear structure for students.

Not only does it create a routine in the classroom, but it is also a great way to set the tone and expectations for the day!

The way I build a structure or schedule is by using a slides presentation to outline the meeting. With learning switching between online, in-person, and hybrid, I find that using slides helps me continue that structure by providing flexibility.

If you’re teaching online using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet, you can screen share your slides for your students to follow along at home. If you’re teaching in person, you can easily project the slides on your board for the whole class to see.

If you are looking for an entire year’s worth of PREMADE, daily Morning Meeting slides, you can check out my product here.

Creating a Monthly Morning Meeting Schedule

One trick I love to use to make each Morning Meeting feel different is celebrating all types of holidays. For each month, I create a slide with a suggested calendar that includes national, international, and fun holidays!

I’m still able to maintain the structure of Morning Meeting while bringing in something new for my students to enjoy. Who wouldn’t love to celebrate National Unicorn Day?!

If you choose to use the slides I’ve created, you’ll receive a holiday calendar for every month, just like the one you see below.

But of course, feel free to make it your own! You could personalize it by including students’ birthdays, school holidays, or special occasions. 

© 2021 EdTech Classroom

Creating Slides Themes for Different Seasons

Slide themes are super important when creating Morning Meeting. For the slides in this bundle, I decided to base mine on seasons and months. 

In Fall, there are leaves, pumpkins, and turkeys.

© 2021 EdTech Classroom

Winter has plenty of snowmen and festive patterns…

© 2021 EdTech Classroom

While Spring and Summer use the perfect amount of flowers, sunshine, and summer essentials. 

© 2021 EdTech Classroom

Making themed slides is a fun and easy way to integrate learning about seasons and creativity into each Morning Meeting.

How to Structure Morning Meeting

For each day of Morning Meeting, I include slides for Greeting, Morning Share, Morning Activity, and Morning Message. This idea is based on the Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting Structure.

I’ll share some of my favorite Morning Shares and Morning Activities to help give you some ideas. 

Morning Share

Morning Share is one of the best ways for students to reflect on their interests, learning, and growth. Some can be thoughtful prompts, such as asking students to share what this quote means to them: 

“There is no person in the world like you, and I like you just the way you are.” – Fred Rogers.

© 2021 EdTech Classroom

Other Morning Share activities can be fun to keep students engaged. In the example below on Star Wars Day, I’ve written, “Do you like Star Wars? If so, who is your favorite character? If not, what is your favorite fantasy movie?” 

© 2021 EdTech Classroom

Each day offers a different Morning Share prompt that helps students to learn about each other and themselves. 

Morning Activity

Morning Activity slides provide many fun games to do with students, and I can’t wait to use them myself! Whether you’re in-person or online, these are so great to get out students’ morning jitters before the Morning Message.

My top three activities must be Guess Who!, Dance Party, and This or That because students are always excited to play these classic hits.

I loved making the activities for the bundle because I could relate them to that day’s holiday or season

In the example below from the October slides, the activity states, “Pretend you are a beautiful and graceful leaf, slowly falling to the ground.”

Not only was I able to integrate Fall and a themed slide, but I know students will have so much fun trying this out. 

© 2021 EdTech Classroom

Are you interested in using my sliddes?

I made 11 months of pre-made, customizable, daily Morning Meeting slides to use with your students all year. If you’d like to check them out, click here!

However, if you’re motivated to make them on your own, feel free to check out my latest Youtube video, where I take you through my creation process step-by-step.

Thank You!

Questions? Email me at, DM me on Instagram @edtechclass, or leave a comment down below!

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