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EdTech Tool of the Week (7/14/21)

Most of the time, I tend to recommend websites, apps, and software for my EdTech Tool of the Week. This week, however, I want to highlight a piece of hardware that I think has the potential to be a valuable resource for teachers to use in the classroom. 

As one of the world’s most trusted brands for graphic tablets, Wacom specializes in creating pen displays and tablets for creative users. Wacom doesn’t just stop at the designer market – their products are also used in classrooms and schools to boost digital collaboration and interaction. 

For our EdTech Tool of the Week, I’m featuring the One by Wacom

One by Wacom is an easy-to-use digital pen tablet that can be used with computers and Chromebooks. Whether you’re teaching in-person, remotely, or a combination of the two, One by Wacom allows you to create high-quality digital lessons that integrate with the edtech tools you’re already using.

For example, I like to use the One by Wacom when I’m teaching using a digital whiteboard tool like Google Jamboard. Instead of using my trackpad or computer mouse to struggle to write something that is barely legible, I can use the One by Wacom to create a mind map using my own handwriting. You can also use the One by Wacom when you are annotating student work using a tool like Kami. 

One by Wacom is affordable, it’s easy to set up and use, and it works great in conjunction with the edtech tools you are already using in your classroom. Try it out to improve the quality of your digital lessons – both in-person or online – and let me know what you think! 


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