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EdTech Classroom Podcast Turns One!

This week, we celebrate the 1st birthday of the EdTech Classroom Podcast!

To celebrate, I’m sharing my favorite episodes to date. Which are your favorites? Happy listening, teachers!

Top Episodes on Project-Based Learning

  • Episode 02: Strategies for Implementing PBL in Your Classroom
  • Episode 19: Learning by Doing and Keeping it Simple with PBL
  • Episode 22: PBL and Learning Management Systems with Shane Krukowski, Co-Founder of Headrush PBL
  • Episode 23: The Special Sauce of PBL with Mike Kaechele, PBL & SEL Teacher, Coach, & PBLWorks National Faculty
  • Episode 26: PBL in Early Childhood with Sara Lev, TK Teacher and PBLWorks National Faculty

Top Interviews with Education Experts

  • Episode 24: Fostering Self Empowered Learners and Critical Thinkers with Chris Lehmann, CEO and Principal of Science Leadership Academy
  • Episode 25: Bringing Learning Alive with Jane Chadsey (CEO) and Sara Nachtigal (Director of Teaching and Learning) from Educurious
  • Episode 28: Stress Management, Academic Achievement, and Student SEL Check-Ins with Jodi Miller from WellCheq
  • Episode 37: Experiential and Place-Based Learning in Higher Education with Ivan Cestero from MYX
  • Episode 39: Collaborative Learning Systems and The Future of EdTech with Mike Rutherford, Founder of gotLearning

Top Episodes on STEAM Education

  • Episode 18: Student Engagement & STEAM Education in the Dominican Republic
  • Episode 30: PBL in the Math Classroom with Telannia Norfar
  • Episode 31: STEM Teaching and Elementary Tech Integration with Naomi Meredith
  • Episode 43: The Myths About Makerspaces with Spencer Sharp

Top Episodes on All Things EdTech

  • Episode 13: Best Advice for Teaching with Tech
  • Episode 16: #EdTech to Support PBL (Crossover with Chris Nesi from House of #EdTech)
  • Episode 20: 10 EdTech Tips for New Teachers with Dr. Sam Fecich
  • Episode 29: If Technology is to be Revolutionary, We Need Everyone at the Table with Jeannette Washington, M.Ed.




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