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EdTech Tool of the Week (4/7/21)

Wakelet is “working to change the way people find, organize and share information.” Wakelet helps users organize and find relevant and compelling content from across the web. With Wakelet, you can save and organize and the content you find online – from articles to videos to blogs, tweets, songs, and more.

Wakelet is often used in education as a research tool, allowing students to save links to content and record themselves discussing their research. Students can even use Wakelet to record video explanations, take notes, add photos, and communicate their understanding with others.

If you are looking to curate digital content, Wakelet is the tool for you. You can use it as a teacher to organize your own research, or you can use it with students for a project or digital assignment. I’d recommend trying out Wakelet with your 8th grade students and up!

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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