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EdTech Tool of the Week (3/10/21)

Blooket is “a new take on trivia and review games!” Blooket really brings the fun back into your typical classroom review games. So let’s talk about how it works…

First, teachers will create a question set. Teachers can create their own question sets. They can import questions. They can even choose from existing ones in the Discover database.

Once teachers have created or chosen the questions, then they’ll need to select a game mode. What’s cool about Blooket is that there are several game modes to choose from. These modes are a great way to mix it up and engage students.

Next, students will join the game on their own devices using a code, and they can begin playing and answering questions in a game-style environment.

Lastly, after the game is over, teachers can access detailed score reports and question analysis to better understand how their students are performing. This is great for identifying different areas that students might need to review again. 

Blooket is fun. It’s engaging. And it’s a great way to level up classroom engagement. Try it out for a review game or just for fun. 


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