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The Rainbow Builders Rocketship Podcast

In December 2020, I released a podcast episode with Sara Lev, TK teacher and PBLWorks National Faculty. In this episode, Sara shares her experience as a PBL expert, and shows that it is truly possible to have high-quality project-based learning with students of all ages, even our youngest learners. During our conversation, Sara also dispels some myths about PBL in early childhood.

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About Sara Lev

Sara Lev is an early childhood teacher with experience in public, private, and charter school settings. Sara currently is a Transitional Kindergarten teacher in Los Angeles, and is the co-author of the book Implementing Project-Based Learning in Early Childhood: Overcoming Misconceptions and Reaching Success.

Sara received her Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College in New York City. She is a member of the National Faculty of PBLWorks, facilitating PBL workshops for educators PreK-12. She also leads workshops and trainings for teachers both nationally and internationally, supporting early childhood teachers as they plan projects for both in-person and distance learning. 

Sara Lev

About The Rainbow Builders Rocketship Podcast

To say I was blown-away by Sara’s practice as an educator would be an understatement. Sara’s passion and experience with PBL in early childhood is truly unmatched. I was also amazed at the work of Sara’s TK students, who created their own podcast about space. When I found out about their podcast, I knew I had to release it on my show as a bonus episode.

The Rainbow Builders Podcast Logo

Sara’s students created their own podcast, The Rainbow Builders Podcast. These students researched podcasts. They researched space. They wrote a script. They developed a podcast theme song. They created a podcast logo. They recorded an episode. And now they have even released an episode on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

Listen Here

Rainbow Builders Podcast Transcript

Rocketship Podcast Theme Song (Xavi, Emory Tom, Phoenix):

Astronauts float in space

We think with a smile on their face

The moon shines so bright

It glows into the night

Theme Song Lyrics

Host (Alice): Welcome to the Rainbow Builders Rocketship Podcast! In this podcast you will hear four short stories. We hope you enjoy them!


Kaleb: Welcome to our podcast called “Space Adventure”

Derrian: The question is “Why is Mars covered in red dust?

Sara: One day, a rocketship went to Mars. It has trouble getting to Mars and crashes. It didn’t have enough fire and fuel. So it landed on Mars, and the astronaut walks out, sees the satellite and walks around the red dusty rocks on Mars. Mars said:

Phoenix (Mars): I am red and dusty because I have water and iron on me and I’m red and rocky!

Sara: Then an alien comes and the astronaut says:

Kaleb (Astronaut): Hi. Can we fix it?

Sara: And the alien says:

Derrian (Alien): Beebee booo bop beeee

Sara: Then the alien gives the astronaut some more fuel and helps the astronaut fix his ship. Then he goes back to Earth. The astroanut says:

Kaleb (Astronaut) Bye!”

The alien says goodbye in his language.

Derrian (Alien): Bee boop bop beeee bee boo bop bee beep!


This podcast was written by the Astronaut Group: Phoenix, Derrian and Kaleb


Freya: Welcome to our Podcast!

Alice: Our story is called: “The Kid Astronaut Wanted to Go to the Sun”

Xavi: Our question is: “How hot is the sun?” and“Can an astronaut get close to the sun?”

Crowd: Oooooooh!

Olivia: Once upon a time there was astronaut that wanted to go close to the sun but he coulndn’t because it was too hot, so he launched his rocket into space.

Emory Tom (Astronaut): I’m glad I have my spacesuit on! Because the sun is 10,000 degrees!

Xavi (The Sun): You can’t get close to the sun! You might burn if you visit me. You need a solar probe. I’m gonna give you one for free!

Olivia: Then, he used a solar probe to get close to the sun and take pictures.

All: The end!

Alice: Remember if you want to go close to the sun, you should use a solar probe.

Musical Interlude (Olivia)

Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun

Where are you sun? I’m looking for you…

I cannot see you on the darkness,

Oh sun, oh sun oh sun, oh sun, oh sun….


This episode is written by: Freya, Alice, Olivia, Emory Tom, Xavi…..and Sara! Bye!

I hope you enjoyed it!


Bowie: Our story is called “Friendship on the Moon.”

Ella: Our question is: “What is the temperature on the moon?”

Sara: Once upon a time, two astronauts flew to the moon and went on a Rover. Their names were Madeline and Ella. Madeline was driving the Rover named “Bowie.” They were wearing suits that were like oven mitts to protect them from the hot, 224 degrees in the day time, so they could go outside.

Ella the astronaut came over and said:

Ella (Astronaut): “Hi! Welcome to the moon!”

Sara: Madeline the astronaut said:

Madeline (Astronaut): “Hi! I love you Ella,”

Sara: and then Bowie the Rover said:

Bowie (The Rover): You can use my robotic arm to pick up samples. But remember! There is nothing crummy or sandy allowed in the Rover!

Bowie: They all became friends on the moon!

The End!


Ella: This story was written by Ella, Bowie and Madeline


June: Welcome to our podcast episode, called “Pluto Wants to Be a Planet.”

Lucille: Our question is: “Is Pluto a planet?

Sidney: One day, Pluto said:

Lucas (Pluto): I really want to be a planet! (cries)

Sidney: But the other planets – Earth, Mars and Mercury and the Sun said:

Sidney (Earth): No, you are not a planet.

June (Mercury): You are too small and far away.

Pluto (cries)

Sidney: Pluto was feeling sad.

Sun (Lucille) You are a dwarf planet or a minor planet.

Pluto (cries)

But then the Earth said:

Sidney (Earth): It’s ok, you have a heart on you and that makes you special!


Lucille: We have been wrong all along!

Sidney: The End!


This story was written by Lucille, Sidney, June and Lucas


I hope you enjoyed – Bye!

The end!


Silly Bloopers!


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  1. I love this. It has inspired me to try it with my First Graders virtually.
    Thank you for sharing this. Thanks for covering it and spreading the good. I hope that I can do the same!

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