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EdTech Classroom

is a podcast that provides teachers with tips, tricks, and strategies to transform their classrooms into learning hubs, filled with creativity, innovation, and discovery. This podcast empowers all teachers – no matter their subject matter – to experiment with innovative learning models and lead their classrooms with 21st century skills. With EdTech Classroom, you’ll help students learn to love learning.

Episode 83: Common Challenges of PBL, and How to Avoid Them EdTech Classroom

In today's solo show, I'm sharing three common challenges of project-based learning, and ideas on how to avoid them. Episode Webpage: All About Gold Standard PBL: EdTech Classroom:  Website: Instagram: @edtechclass TikTok: @edtechclass Email:
  1. Episode 83: Common Challenges of PBL, and How to Avoid Them
  2. Episode 82: How to Use Mote in the Classroom
  3. Episode 81: A Case for Tinkering, Exploration, and Play for Every Grade Level
  4. Episode 80: Bringing Blogging into the Classroom with Student Blog Projects
  5. Episode 79: Prototyping and Testing in the Classroom

EdTech Classroom consistently has valuable advice for teachers. I learn something new with every single episode.

-Elementary School Teacher, U.S.

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