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hi, and welcome

I’m Maddie. I’m a K-5 STEM teacher and edtech coach in Los Angeles. I am passionate about education technology, project-based learning, and innovative learning models. I’m so happy you’re here, and I hope we can continue to grow and learn together as 21st century educators.


I’m a teacher, instructional technology coach, lifelong learner, and edtech enthusiast. I feel so lucky and grateful to be part of the teaching community. Previously, I have worked in elementary schools, education research, consulting for children’s media and edtech companies, and even business and venture capital. At the end of the day, I value career paths that allow me to explore my main interests: education, teaching, and technology.


I am also an educational consultant for K-12 schools, specifically focused on project-based learning, makerspaces, education technology, and instructional design. If you are interested in learning more, please email me at for more information.

degrees and certifications:

Bachelor’s in Science, Technology, and Society | Stanford University

Master’s in Technology, Innovation, and Education | Harvard Graduate School of Education

Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2

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